Tax, both direct and indirect, is a cost of doing business it makes good business sense to seek to manage and reduce this cost legitimately.

Achieving the maximum benefits within the confines of an increasingly complex taxation system demands specialists familiar with the tax issues involved. After all, taxation is vital business area presenting unprecedented opportunities for tax planning in the light of changing regulatory requirement, amended tax laws and the expansion of business activities both domestically andinternational.

More important is the ability to anticipate issues before these become a problem for the future. We have the ability to address your business problems from a tax perspective, whatever this maybe. We bring to task our objectivity and extensive experience, and the knowledge and resources of professional potential combination of technical and commercial skills.

Our staff comprise of professionals business and accounting qualification. They are trained to be business advisor who can help you in tax related issues such as :


  • Corporate and individual taxation.
  • Executive remuneration.
  • Real Property Gain Tax ( RPGT ).
  • Tax planning.
  • Application for tax incentives.
  • Tax Audit and Investigation.


In ever increasing complex environment which businesses face today, a well – designed accounting system and generation of timely information is utmost importance. Our accounting services are flexible and can be customized according to clients’ specific requirements. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide clients with high quality services that meet their business needs. Our services in this area includes

  • Preparation of periodic management accounts.
  • Routine accounts preparation.
  • Preparations of statutory accounts.
  • Accounting software and solution.
  • In-House accounting training.



We provide these services specially to our Muslim’s clients. Our services are approved by Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Johor (MAINJ) as an Amil to collect zakat payment from clients.

Zakat as one of the five important pillars of Islam has been made obligatory by Allah the Almighty and it acts as a tool to maintain social stability and to generate the growth of wealth among Muslim ummah. Accordingly, the definition of Zakat itself serves as a premier obligation that cannot be alienated as its meaning is to purify and to generate the growth of wealth. The plan prepared by Allah acts as an action plan for every mu’min to get blessings from Allah for profits raked every year. The real profit is not in the form of worldly material wealth that is temporary but for the hereafter that is eternal.

Our services include :

  • Zakat on business
  • Zakat on savings and fixed deposits
  • Zakat on bonds and shares
  • Zakat on “Treasures”
  • Zakat on gold and silver
  • Zakat on livestock
  • Zakat on agricultural product
  • Zakat on employment income


Current client and their future plans have given rise to the need for a range of corporate services. Our services in this area includes :

  • Company formation and incorporation.
  • Advice on corporate procedures.
  • Share Capital Reduction Scheme.
  • Act as Company Secretaries and Registered office.


Our audit services designed to help clients meet both their statutory obligation and business objective. Our audits are based on the highest professional standards that comply with the relevant and applicable accounting and auditing standards , and the Companies Act , 2016 and its amendments

The services we offer include :

  • Auditing
  • Annual statutory audit as required by the Company Act
  • Application of Accounting principles and policies
  • Compliance with the Companies Act and Accounting Standard
  • Due diligence reporting
  • Acting as reporting accountant
  • Internal audit
  • System audit
  • Audit of unincorporated bodies
  • Specialized audit and investigation