Corporate Zakat Collector



We provide these services specially to our Muslim’s clients. Our services are approved by Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Johor (MAINJ) as an Amil to collect zakat payment from clients.

Zakat as one of the five important pillars of Islam has been made obligatory by Allah the Almighty and it acts as a tool to maintain social stability and to generate the growth of wealth among Muslim ummah. Accordingly, the definition of Zakat itself serves as a premier obligation that cannot be alienated as its meaning is to purify and to generate the growth of wealth. The plan prepared by Allah acts as an action plan for every mu’min to get blessings from Allah for profits raked every year. The real profit is not in the form of worldly material wealth that is temporary but for the hereafter that is eternal.

Our services include :

Zakat on business
Zakat on savings and fixed deposits
Zakat on bonds and shares
Zakat on “Treasures”
Zakat on gold and silver
Zakat on livestock
Zakat on agricultural product
Zakat on employment income