About us

RJC was founded in December 2000 to be the leader in total professional services provider for the SMEs by providing core, supportive and competent accountancy services.

RJC provides a complete spectrum of professional services which cover audit, business advisory, management consultancy, tax, corporate secretarial and accounting services.


Achieving the maximum benefits within the confines of an increasingly complex taxation system demands specialists familiar with the tax issues involved. After all, taxation is vital business area presenting unprecedented opportunities for tax planning in the light of changing regulatory requirement, amended tax laws and the expansion of business activities both domestically and international.


Zakat as one of the five important pillars of Islam has been made obligatory by Allah the Almighty and it acts as a tool to maintain social stability and to generate the growth of wealth among Muslim ummah. Accordingly, the definition of Zakat itself serves as a premier obligation that cannot be alienated as its meaning is to purify and to generate the growth of wealth.